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Audrey Wilson

Branding, Audition Prep., & Acting through Song

Hello! My name is Audrey Wilson (she/her). I am a New York based performer and a recent graduate of The Hartt School with a BFA in Music Theatre. #THEYDONTKNOW2020! Growing up, I was surrounded by music thanks to my parents, and loved musical theatre. I studied classical voice for six years with Rachel Carter-White. I decided I wanted to learn more about musical theatre so I went to the Hartt School in Hartford, Connecticut to study Music Theatre. I studied voice with the amazing Mark Planner and learned about the different genres of musical theatre singing and also pop music and how I might “fit”. As I went through school and struggled with my own self confidence, I knew that I wanted to use my degree and my skills as a performer to help young people enjoy auditioning and acting, and above all enjoy being an artist. My goals in coachings are to help students perform material that both showcases their talents and that they enjoy doing. Being a performer requires working from the heart, so enjoy what you create!

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