Cindy Tsai

Branding, Acting the Song, Audition Prep.

Cindy Tsai is an Asian-American actor, director, and producer. She is a senior at Pace University for Musical Theatre in NYC. She has worked at regional theaters and professionally in NYC Equity Readings and Workshops of new and upcoming work. Selected credits include: Queen Anne (Jane Parker), Amélie (Suzanne), and A Night Of Color(founder/director, performer), a show that features actors of color in the roles they couldn't normally play because of their race. She is the co-founder of ZAPI Artists, a hub and company for GenZ Asian/Pacific Islander Artists to learn, grow, and be seen. Cindy is most passionate about giving young artists of color the inspiration to be bold and affirmed about their place in the industry. 


It can be daunting not to know how to stand out in a crowd, but still be yourself. The secret to branding is being 100% unapologetically you. How do you do that? In mentorship with Cindy, you can work one-on-one with a professional actor in the industry who has also worked on directing, casting, and producing projects. You can learn the most efficient skills in finding professional headshot photographers, resume building and formatting, website building, a professional online presence, and making video reels to show your best qualities as a performer and a human.


Acting the Song

In musical theater, we often think of singing and dancing, but the most important thing in storytelling is acting. While it is imperative that the dance steps and the notes on the page are accurately hit, the heart of theater and Broadway is storytelling. When you are singing a song with Cindy, she will focus on the intention, scene partner, urgency, given circumstances, and bringing individual qualities about yourself to the piece. 


Audition Prep

Auditioning is a job completely separate from being a professional performer. There is an art to going into a room, talking with an accompanist, singing a perfect 16 or 32 bar cut, and leaving with confidence that you presented yourself in the best way you could. In Audition Prep with Cindy, we will focus on making smart audition cuts for songs, audition etiquette, and ways to be 100% you in the audition room because that is always what the person behind the table wants to see!