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Gina Cornejo

Dance, Choreography, Solo Performance, Dance Fitness

Gina (she/her) is a dancer, writer, performer, choreographer, yogi, pilgrim, and spirited traveler.

She is a genuine seeker of all that exploration entails and has held the keys to doors in Paris, Lima, Granada, Hell’s Kitchen, Amsterdam, Madrid, Portland, Santiago de Compostela, and Chicago, and Asheville.

Gina believes our unique path of expression is one based in our personal risk of venturing out to seek within. The transformative power of disciplines such as dance, yoga, writing, and travel serve as her guides to cultivate honest, exposed storytelling and teaching. She is a Certified Yoga Instructor with a 200 hour RYT (2012, Live Love Teach) and 300 hour RYT (2017-2019, Asheville Yoga Center), and a Licensed Zumba Instructor. Her classes are spunky and impassioned, welcoming and sweet, with an emphasis on empowerment through encouragement! Come as you are!

Practicing at various Chicago studios since 2006, she became attracted to the abundance of joy experienced within dance and meditation. A sustained vitality, a willingness to investigate the body’s power and potential, and a renewed enthusiasm for the full-bodied magic this life, this moment, has to offer are a few gems she aims to embody in her classes.


In May 2014, walking a total of 35 days, and 500 miles, Gina completed a life-changing pilgrimage across the north of Spain, the Camino de Santiago (Camino Frances or The Way of Saint James). More pilgrimage hikes have been made, however, her desire for the ease of The Way is a constant reminder to savor each day. Inspired by such simplicity and wonder, Gina has assisted in creating a unique yoga and hiking retreat with the incredible Traverse Journeys. For more info:


Her original pilgrimage story, “When She Passes,” is featured within the vast and vital storytelling of Teatro Luna’s ​Talking While Female and Other Dangerous Acts​. (Available on Audible.) 

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