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Hanna Shykind

Shakespeare, Chekhov, Monologue/Song

Hey all! I am Hanna Shykind (pronounced Hannukah without the -kah), and I use she/her/hers. I graduated from Oberlin College where I double-majored in Theater and Neuroscience, while training in classical voice. In college, I concentrated on acting and used my Neuroscience studies to explore theater as a form of therapy. I also studied at the Moscow Art Theater School in Russia where I ate, slept, and breathed Chekhov. Some fun facts about me: I’ve lived in the Middle East, I adore dogs, and I am a sucker for the classics (I love Romeo and Juliet). I specialize in Shakespeare text analysis and performance, and acting through song. When I approach material, I nail down who I am and what I am doing as the character. With this technique in mind, we will dive in to specifying each aspect of your work, so that you feel connected, comfortable, and confident while performing!

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