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Natalie Harde


Natalie is a New York native and an NYC based actor, writer, and comedienne. After receiving her B.F.A. from The Hartt School in 2019, she went on to study Improv at the Upright Citizens Brigade training center in New York and hit the NYC stand up scene. She has performed and taught improv for 5 years in workshops, at schools, and at Glastonbury Music and Arts Camp. Her passion for comedy has also propelled her into the world of writing for stage and screen (several projects in the works!). 



This is one of the most useful tools in an actors belt. The beauty and the magic of improv is that anyone, can be anything, in an instant. In both short and long from improv- listening with your mind and body is key. Together, we can explore many aspects of Improv such as game, relationship, character, and of course, the coveted, “Yes, and”. 


Sketch/Stand Up:

All the comedy content we know and love from sitcoms to Saturday Night Live are thought up and created by writers & performers. There are several tips and tricks to unlocking the wit in your writing. It is super important to understand the basics, and explore even the silliest of possibilities. Together, we can work to build a portfolio, work on your stand up set, or simply build some comedic characters for you to have in your repertoire!

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