Meet S.P.O.T.


Arts Education is...

...more than craftsmanship, homage, and ability. Arts education is the development of the mind, the individual, and creativity. We have seen a steady decline in funding for arts education in the United States, causing many artists to yearn for an accessible outlet to grow themselves and their craft. 


SPOT believes in integral accessibility. The idea that everyone deserves the opportunity to find their spot. SPOT believes all communities, all walks of life, all human lives are deserving of inclusive arts education. We want to raise the voices of the silenced. We focus intensely on developing individual artists with coaching methods exploring confidence, creative endurance, and outward thinking. We are a safe space for young artists to ask questions, perform a piece, and start writing, singing, dancing, and exploring their interests in any realm they find fit.


We believe in stripping out the toxicities commonly found in the performing arts, and giving students a toolset to help navigate the potential toxic environments that they could encounter. SPOT is a curated team of coaches ready to make a difference.



~ Buddha

Thus, we are here to make the change. 

"Happiness comes when your work and words are of benefit to yourself and others."

Meet the Team

Cindy Tsai

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 Head of Outreach

Your success in the arts world shouldn’t have to depend on your resources. If you bring in your hard work we will help you shine.

Gabrielle Filloux

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Head of Marketing

It is the responsibility of educational institutions to make themselves  fully accessible to all in pursuit of study.

Mary Holter

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Head ofHuman Resources

Doors might seem locked against you but with the right tools you can gather the strength to kick them down

Shannon Keegan

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Head of Scholarship/Grants

Arts Education has been a privilege and should be a right. S.P.O.T  works to bring mentors of all genders, sexual orientations, and races to young artists across the United States. 

Shannon Keegan

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Head of Scholarship/Grants

“Teaching is the art of assisting discovery”, (Mark Van Doren) in which we must also “listen and celebrate what is both common and different”. (Pat Wadors)

Meet our Founder

Wolfe Lanier

Growing up, arts education was never something I had to worry about; it simply was. My parents enrolled me in an expensive after school program in the third grade and I began pay-to-play theatre programs by the age of eight. At my young age, I couldn’t see how fortunate I was to have the means for these opportunities. Being raised in Asheville, North Carolina, a town full of eccentric artists, I was always surrounded by creative energy and I assumed that was the way of the artistic world. 


In high school, things shifted. Attending a public school that cared more about funding their sports programs than the arts, the theatre department scraped together what they could on a shoe-string budget. Meanwhile, my parents were able to continue to send me to an after school training program that led me to my college degree from The Hartt School. By no means the most expensive college training program in the country for young actors, the price tag of my education at Hartt still had me (a privileged middle class white male) asking for more scholarships, aid from family, and access to work-study opportunities just to afford my education.

Once I left college and entered the industry, I knew it would be important for me to take classes to maintain my skills and continue to grow as an artist. This search led me to the heartbreaking conclusion that skill building classes for theatre artists are vastly expensive. These are aimed at artists who might be working two or three jobs just to pay rent, artists who don’t have monetary support from their parents, artists who can’t afford the job flexibility necessary to take time off for classes or auditions, and artists unable to afford the cost of expensive college audition coaches or the price of a BFA in the first place. These are talented individuals being left out of the conversation and the market, and I want to do something about it. 


Enter S.P.O.T.


I want to create a place that reflects the values I hold, that art is universal and should therefore be accessible to everybody. I am passionate about sharing what I’ve learned—and the knowledge of our rock star team of mentors—with the artists of tomorrow at a price that won’t break the bank, in a format you can take with you wherever you go. 


Here at S.P.O.T. we want to help you harness four things: Strength, Performance, Opportunity, and Transcendence. We aim to do this through authentic connections between student and teacher. We are here not just to be coaches, but peer mentors sharing what we know and offering personalized approaches to bringing your most authentic self to your chosen industry. And this is the SPOT to do it. 


Let’s get growing. 


Much Love,

Wolfe Lanier

Founder/ Owner

S.P.O.T. Mentorship


Founded in North Carolina,
Serving around the country.


Email: admin@spotmentorship.com

Statement of Inclusion & Feedback Form: Here

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