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We implement a sliding scale to ensure financial accessibility for everyone, so do not hesitate to reach out with any concerns! We want to make this work for you!

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Mentorship in acting and character development.

At S.P.O.T., we believe each individual has a unique voice. Our Acting mentorship programs offer students the ability to seek their internal creativity. We harness individuality with an emphasis on self-expression. Our classes and coaching sessions work closely to explore a character's inter-works while using studied techniques to help gain more accessibility to emotional connection. S.P.O.T. caters to each individual, assessing our actor's wants and needs!

We provide coaching for stage, film, class assignments, college auditions, and more. Please click this link to get in touch!


Mentorship in movement, dance, and physical expression.

Whether you are passionate about broadway dance, jazz, ballet, tap, or learning to find comfort in your own body, S.P.O.T.'s Mission is to help you succeed in all your dance training and movement discoveries. Our mentorship programs are catered to help unlock and release the tensions obtained by the world around us.

We provide coaching in Jazz, Tap, Ballet, stretching, and choreography training. Please click
this link to get in touch!

Mentorship in vocal freedom and technique.

Our vocal coaches are eager to unlock your voice! Whether you are interested in singing pop music in the car or hitting the stage with a solo number, we believe that each vocalist is unique in their vocal development. We harness vocal technique, repertoire exploration, and acting through song to create a well-rounded vocalist.

We provide coaching in musical theatre singing and commercial vocals. Please click
this link to get in touch!

Mentorship in creative writing, poetry, and self-exploration.

A blank page offers the ability to create worlds. Our writing coaches harness perspective and individual experience to help bring your words to life. We believe that everyone has a voice; everyone has a story worth listening to. Our goal is to bring that to fruition.

We provide coaching in creative writing, playwriting, poetry, and novel development. Please click
this link to get in touch!

Mentorship in goal setting and artistic development.

Our ultimate mission is to harness individuality and communicate that there is a place for any and everyone in the performing arts and writing industries. We want to help you reach your goals by giving you tools to find a trajectory. If a career is not what you are looking for, we are also passionate about art as a means of expression! Our mentors are here for you. We want to develop your individuality.


Come chat! We can't wait to get started!

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