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Our Statement of Inclusion,

Commitment to Inclusion, Diversity, & Anti-Racism 


S.P.O.T. Mentorship was formed from the necessity to provide access to all races, ethnicities, cultures, bodies of all abilities, gender identities and expressions, sexual orientations, and religious backgrounds in performing arts education. We fully commit to being an all-inclusive company, and it is our mission to provide quality arts education through affordable pricing. While this commitment will always remain the same, our company is learning and growing, and it is for this reason, we also commit to transparency and accountability. We welcome your feedback and invite you to hold us accountable so that we can truly carry out our mission. 

We have outlined our action-plan below, and welcome feedback, accountability, and suggestions:


- We commit to hiring a diversity coach to help us develop and implement inclusive, diverse, and anti-racist business practices. We recognize the imperativeness of a safe artistic space, and we hope to facilitate this for both our employees and our students with the help of a professional.

- We commit to actively diversifying our staff within our mentorship, our board, and our executive positions. If we want to serve people of all backgrounds, we need the perspective of people of all backgrounds. 

- Below this statement, we have published a completely anonymous online feedback form available to anyone who wishes to share feedback, concerns, suggestions, and commentary. We commit to taking your feedback deeply to heart.

- We commit to continuously engage in active conversation and researching ways to improve our inclusion, diversity, and anti-racist practices. This list may expand as we grow and learn. Thank you for investing your time, energy, and trust in us with this journey.

We welcome your feedback, concerns, suggestions, and commentary!

Thank you for your time, energy, and thought.

S.P.O.T. Feedback Form

This survey is completely anonymous unless you choose to include your name and contact information in one of the answers below. We are grateful for your time, energy, and thought!

Thanks for submitting!

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