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Savannah Lobel

Creating Your Own Work, Career Prep, Monologue/Song, Voice, Sketch Comedy Writing, Yoga, Artistic Mentality Training​

Savannah Lobel moved to NYC a wide-eyed, ambitious actress, who would go to great lengths to procure success. After some grueling years of auditions, exhaustion and disappointment, she decided to find another way in into the business: her way. She started to write. In the past year, she and twenty other artists and collaborators formed TAG Theatre Co., a theater company dedicated to creating new work and breaking industry norms. In March 2020, she was in the middle of producing her first play, when Corona struck!  Since then she’s been working on many projects, including a pilot she wrote that is being filmed this upcoming August. She loves ice cream, the Boston Red Sox, and her big ol’ tubby kitty, Leonardo DiCatrio.

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